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Mini Pocket Tissue Machine

Finished product:Single pack of standard handkerchiefs, 10 in 1 handkerchief

Function:Folding forming, embossing, cutting, automatic folding

Finished pocket tissue size:(150-330)L*(70-150)W*(20-84)H

Machine Introduction

The automatic pocket tissue machine is a device specially designed to produce handkerchiefs that are small in size and easy to carry. This hanky making machine adopts full vacuum adsorption folding forming, embossing, cutting, and automatic folding to make mini handkerchief paper. The handkerchief making machine runs smoothly, folds neatly, and has a fast production speed. It can make paper towels in the range of 68~110mm according to customer needs, and the embossing pattern can be customized.

Mini Pocket Tissue Machine Overview

Finished Sizes:(150-330)L*(70-150)W*(20-84)H

Max. width saw jumbo roll:210mm

Involved machine: pocket tissue folding machine with separator, single bag packing machine, and 10 in 1 packing machine.

Whole liner speed(10piece/bag, 10bags/bundling):800m/min, 80bags/min,8bundling/min.

Optional function: Embossed pattern, finished size, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.

  • pocket-tissue-making-machine.jpg  Pocket Tissue Making Machine

  • facial-tissue-machine.jpg  Facial Tissue Machine

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Handkerchief Making Machine Technical Parameters

Machine sizes3850L*692W*1360HEmbossingSteel to Steel, Steel to rubber(Optional)
Width of tissue180-210mmNumber of shards8\9\10 pcs/bag
Dia. Of the saw roll1200mmSpeed80bag/min
Dia. Of the core76mmMachine Weight1000kg
Unfolding sizes200\205\210mmMain power2.2kw
Folding sizes(65-115)*(50-53)Air pump power5.5kw

Automatic Pocket Tissue Making Machine Technical Features

1Folding in the form of vacuum adsorption to ensure a beautiful appearance and accurate control of product specifications.
2Models of different specifications can be customized according to needs, and 1-4 color flexo color printing devices can be added.
3Unwinding tension control is widely applicable to the production of high and low tension base paper.
4The embossed pattern of the finished product is clear and obvious, and the embossed pattern, folding method, and product size are customized according to customer needs.
5Unwinding adopts a flat belt push form, equipped with a step-less speed regulating device.
6Adopting an independent operation control system, no need to modify the packaging machine, and has a high degree of versatility.
7The whole pocket tissue machine adopts intelligent PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation.
8It is suitable for producing standard bags, mini bags, pocket tissues, etc.

2 Types Of Pocket Tissue Packing Machines

YG provides two pocket tissue packing machines, a standard packing machine, and a 10 in 1 tissue packing machine. The standard packing machine can pack (70-110)L*(50-55)W*(20-28)H pocket tissue. 10 in 1 packaging machine is suitable for 3*2, 5*2, 6*2, 3*3, 5*3, 6*3, 3*3*2 packaging, etc.

  • single-pocket-tissue-packing-machine.jpg  Single Pocket Tissue Packing Machine

  • 10-in-1-tissue-packing-machine.jpg 10 in 1 Tissue Packing Machine

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