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Adult Diaper Making Machine

Working Speed:150PCS/MIN

Diaper Model:M,L,XL,ect.

Drive Way:Full Servo

Machine Introduction

The adult diaper making machine is a device specially developed for the production of diapers for adults. The equipment adopts a servo drive, and the whole production process is safe, hygienic, and efficient. The adult diaper manufacturing machine can realize the complex process of making diapers, and one piece of equipment can efficiently complete all the diapers making processes.YG also provides baby diaper making machines (I shape, T shape, waistband diaper), training pants machines, and other diaper making machines. Contact us to get more details about the machine.

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Adult Diaper Making Machine Parameters

Overall size33*8*4.5M
Machine size31*2.2*4.5M
Design speed150PCS/MIN
Stable work speed60(Auto)-120(Full servo)pcs/min
Pass percentage98%
Power source380v,50HZ
Machine capacity400kw
Air pressure0.6-0.8MPA
Machine weight90T

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Adult Diaper Manufacturing Machine-Specific Configuration

Product sizeM: 680x650;L: 800x650;XL: 950x760
Drive systemServo Drive(Easy to change size), timing belt, and flat belt are import products, and all the key parts, are import bearings.
Control systemPLC control system, Operating on the touch screen, configures HDTV monitor
Packing wayEquipped with the stacker at the request of the client.
Materials corrective systemGermany BST automatic web guide system (optional).
Product structureSAP core, hydrophobic nonwoven(leg cuff),top sheet nonwoven,ADL, spandex, back sheet, tapes,elastic waistband, frontal tape
Safety systemIt has a safety device on the operating side, matched with an urgent stop switch. The high audio fan uses sound insulation or a silencer.
Tension systemTop tissue paper, bottom tissue paper, hydrophobic nonwoven(leg cuff), top nonwoven, ADL, back sheet, and elastic nonwoven are adopted A&B shaft active unwinding by inverter motor.

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How Are Adult Diapers Produced?

Adult diapers are generally made by large diaper factories using automatic adult diaper manufacturing machines. From raw materials to finished products are made by fully automatic equipment, the whole process is highly automated. It avoids the contact of redundant personnel and is very clean and hygienic. Since the diaper can be disassembled from top to bottom into four parts: the surface covering layer, the diversion layer, the absorbent core layer, and the bottom layer. Each part uses a different composition of ingredients. Each functional part of the automatic adult diaper making machine is responsible for processing the corresponding raw materials. Finally, the individual component raw materials are combined to make the finished product.

Features Of Adult Diaper Machine

1The whole production process has less manual contact, safe, hygienic, and efficient.
2Driven by a servo motor, it has the characteristics of simple and convenient maintenance and high production efficiency.
3It can produce M, L, XL, and other sizes of diapers.
4The PLC computer becomes the control, and the LCD text displays the parameters to realize the man-machine dialogue, and the control is more accurate.
5The equipment can be matched with a diaper packaging machine to realize automatic packaging.
6The design and structure of the whole machine are reasonable, the performance is stable, and it is more durable.
  • Machine-Part.jpg Machine Part

  • Overall-Picture.jpg  Overall Picture

  • Transmission-System.jpg  Transmission System

  • Discharge-Part.jpg  Discharge Part

About Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are one of the adult care products. They are mainly suitable for incontinent adults, and their functions are similar to those of baby diapers. Adult diapers are mainly composed of bottom film, front waist stickers, left and right stickers, diversion layers, and other structures, which fully meet the application needs of adults and are very comfortable to use.

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YG Diaper Machine Manufacturer

YG is a tissue paper making machine manufacturer, we provide tissue paper making machines, wet wipe machines, sanitary napkin machines, diaper machines, packaging machines, and other equipment.YG machinery has strong strength, perfect after-sales service, and intelligently builds a one-stop service for the production and sales of sanitary products machinery. The company's product quality is stable, the supply of goods is substantial, and the price is reasonable. If you want to know more about adult diaper making machines or other types of hygiene products machinery, please contact us or leave us a message.

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