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Paper Rewinding Machine

Rewinding raw materials:Toilet paper, mica tape, film, etc.

Model:1575,1880,3000 models

Matching equipment:Cutting machine, packaging machine

Machine Introduction

The paper rewinding machine is a device for rewinding paper rolls produced by paper mills and then processed into finished toilet paper rolls after rewinding. The toilet paper rewinding machine is a machine often used in toilet paper manufacturing plants. For small and medium-sized toilet paper manufacturers, purchasing a rewinder, paper cutter, and packaging machine can complete the toilet paper manufacturing work. These machines complete the work of processing raw paper into finished toilet paper, they are ideal equipment for small and medium toilet paper mills.

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Finished Rewinding Products

The toilet paper rewinding machine can process cored toilet paper, coreless toilet paper, and single-roll packaged toilet paper. And it can also process toilet paper of different sizes, layers, and rewinding thicknesses.


Tissue Paper Rewinding Machine Models

YG provides semi-automatic and fully automatic tissue paper rewinding machines. Its models mainly include the 1575 model, the 1880 model, and the 3000 models.

11575 model paper rewinding machine, the maximum paper width is 1800.
2 Model 1880 tissue paper rewinder, the maximum paper width is 2200, the maximum base paper diameter is 1.3 meters, and the 8/hour output is 2.5 tons.
3Model 3000 paper roll rewinding machine, the maximum paper consumption is 2950, the width of the roll surface is 3000, the output is 3.5 tons per hour, and the base paper diameter is 1.3 meters.

  • 1575PaperRewindingMachine.jpg

    1575 Model

  • 1880ToiletPaperRewinder.jpg

    1880 Model

  • 3000PaperRewinder.jpg

    3000 Model

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Toilet Paper Production Equipment Configuration

Different toilet paper manufacturers, due to the limitation of budget and production site scale, it maybe needs different toilet paper production equipment. The following two toilet paper production equipment configurations are recommended for you.

1Paper rewinding machine+manual band saw paper cutter+pneumatic water-cooled sealing machine.This configuration is low-cost and suitable for small toilet paper manufacturers. After rewinding, manually cut the paper, and then put the paper into the packaging bag manually, and then sealed it with a sealing machine. The capacity of this configuration is 2T (8h), and it needs 3~4 people to operate.
2Fully automatic paper roll rewinding machine + fully automatic paper cutter + fully automatic toilet paper packaging machine.This is an automated toilet paper production equipment. After the automatic paper rewinding machine rewinds, the strips of toilet paper are directly sent to the paper cutter for paper cutting. The cut toilet paper directly enters the toilet paper packaging machine through the conveyor belt for packaging.

  • SmallToiletPaperMakingProcess.jpg  Small Toilet Paper Making Process

  • AutomaticTissuePaperMakingProcess.jpg  Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Cutting Packing Machine

How Does the Paper Roll Rewinding Machine?

Put the raw paper on the paper feeder, which has the function of automatic paper loading and feeding. The base paper is sent to the paper feed roller through the paper feeding device, and the tension bar device flattens the paper surface, punches holes through the punching device, and then enters the roll guiding device. The paper roll rewinding machine can make coreless rolls and cored rolls. The roll paper passes through the guide roller, and the pressure roller repeatedly guides the roll to make a long paper roll. After the roll paper reaches a certain specification, the machine automatically stops rewinding and pushes the paper roll out automatically. At the same time, the paper cutter separates the roll paper and automatically sprays glue to seal it, and the rewinding is completed.

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Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Characteristic

The toilet paper rewinding machine adopts international advanced PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface operation, easy to operate. Equipped with automatic gluing, edge sealing, and edge trimming at one time, reducing the labor intensity of workers. The equipment can also be used in conjunction with other equipment to improve production efficiency. It is ideal equipment for making toilet roll paper.

Equipped Machine

YG tissue paper machine manufacturer provides a variety of tissue paper processing equipment to realize the entire production process of toilet paper. For example, toilet paper cutter, and toilet paper packaging machine.

The toilet paper cutter is to cut the rewinded strips of toilet paper into roll toilet paper products of standard length.


Put the toilet paper into the extrusion tank, after extrusion, the toilet paper enters the toilet paper package. Automatic packaging equipment replaces manual operation, with high packaging efficiency, automatic bagging, and beautiful finished products.


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