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Tissue Cutting Machine

Model:Semi automatic,full automatic

Function:Cut long strip toilet rolls into small rolls

Equipped machine:Rewinding machine,packing machine

Machine Introduction

The tissue cutting machine is a process in the production of toilet paper. It undertakes the toilet paper rewinding machine, which cuts the long strips of toilet paper produced by it into finished paper rolls. The tissue paper cutting machine can cut the base paper into paper rolls of different sizes by adjusting the sharpening device and other devices. The paper rolls cut by the toilet paper cutting machine can be distributed to the market after being packaged by the packaging machine.

Three Tissue Cutting Machines Introduction

According to the degree of automation, YG offers three kinds of paper cutters, manual paper cutters, automatic paper cutters, and rotary paper cutters.

1The manual paper cutter needs to manually operate the machine to cut the paper, and the cutting length can be adjusted at will.
2A fully automatic toilet paper cutting machine adopts PLC computer programming, automatic paper loading, and automatic cutting, the maximum cutting length is 2200.
3Rotary tissue cutting machine automation is the highest among the three devices, automatic input, paper cutting, and output. The cutout paper head and tail are automatically separated from the genuine paper.

  • manual-tissue-cutter.jpg

    Manual Tissue Cutter

  • automatic-toilet-paper-cutter.jpg

    Automatic Toilet Paper Cutter

  • rotary-paper-cutting-machine.jpg

    Rotary Paper Cutting Machine

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Band Saw Toilet Roll Cutting Machine Parameters

Item Unit Parameters
Whole machine weight KG 1800
Cutting speed cut/min 150~180
Paper cutting channel strip 1
Cutting knife with knife 3750*60*0.6
Raw material length MM ≤2200(Support customized)
Cutting Deviation MM ±1mm
Cutting Length MM ≤400mm(Support customized)
Cutting Range MM 60~130mm(Support customized)
Total Power KW 6

Rotary Tissue Cutting Machine Parameters

Rated speed 150 cuts/min
Design speed 170 cuts/min
Cutting diameter φ60—φ130(mm)
Total power 6.2kW
Cutter motor 2.2kW
Conveying servo motor 1kW
Rotary cutter motor 3kW
Machine noise ≤65dB
Compressed air 0.5-0.8MPa
Dimensions (L×W×H) 5350×1500×1850(mm)
Machine net weight about 1500kg
Power supply 380V/50Hz

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Toilet Paper Cutting Machine Application

This equipment is not only suitable for cutting toilet paper but also can be used for cutting sheet packaging materials such as pearl cotton, corrugated cardboard, pearl cotton, facial tissue, etc. into blocks.


Tissue Paper Cutter And Rewinder Connection

In order to meet market demand and save production costs, the tissue paper cutter developed by YG can be connected with the rewinder. After rewinding, the long toilet paper rolls are directly fed into the tissue paper cutting machine for work. This not only speeds up production but also saves labor and cost. The tissue cutter and rewinder are connected to meet the needs of the market to produce toilet paper.

  • rewinder-cutter-connection.jpg

    Rewinder Cutter Connection

  • toilet-paper-cutter-rewinder.jpg

    Toilet Paper Cutter & Rewinder

  • cutted-toilet-paper.jpg

    Cutted Toilet Paper

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine Features

1With semi-automatic and fully automatic toilet paper cutting machine options to meet the production needs of different customers.
2The equipment has reasonable technical parameters and a wide application range.
3The semi-automatic cutting equipment adopts belt knife cutting, which reduces the user's use cost.
4The equipment can automatically calculate the number of cuts finished products according to the length of raw materials and finished products, and the length of cut finished toilet paper rolls can be controlled.
5The tissue paper cutting machine can be combined with the rewinding machine, toilet paper packaging machine, and other equipment to form a toilet paper production line.

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Other Toilet Paper Processing Equipment

The processing of toilet paper is to process the jumbo roll purchased from the paper mill into finished toilet paper through rewinding, cutting, packaging, etc. Therefore, toilet paper processing equipment includes rewinding machines, tissue paper cutting machines, packaging machines, and other equipment.

1The toilet paper rewinding machine is a long strip of toilet paper that rewinds large shaft paper into small rolls first.
2Then transfer the reminded strips of toilet paper to the tissue cutting machine for cutting, and the cutting length is adjusted according to actual production needs.
3After slitting, a section of finished unpackaged roll paper is obtained, and then packaged with a toilet paper packaging machine for sale.


YG tissue paper equipment manufacturer provides complete toilet paper converting equipment, if you have any questions about the above equipment, please contact us.

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