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Facial Tissue Napkin Packing Machine

Packing Speed:6-18 bags/min

Total power:1.2KW

Finished Packing Products Size Range :L100-300*W100-200*H50-150MM(Customized)

Machine Introduction

The paper napkin packing machine is a semi-automatic packaging equipment for hotel napkins. It is also suitable for bagging packaging of soft tissue, square wrapping paper, sanitary napkin, etc. The packaging and sealing of this equipment are neat and beautiful, the packaging speed of the whole machine is fast, and labor is saved. One set facial tissue packing machine can pack products of various specifications. And the equipment can be used with tissue paper making machine and napkin making machine.

Napkin Packing Machine Application

The napkin packing machine is widely used in the packaging of soft pumps, napkins, square napkins/square wraps, sanitary napkins, diapers and other products. This unit is suitable for napkin packs of a certain size, so when you order this unit please contact us for the best model.

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Parameters Of Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Packing Speed6-18 bags/min
Air source voltage


Total power1.2KW
Finished Packing Products Size RangeL100-300*W100-200*H50-150MM(Customized)
Machine size2500*1200*1200mm
Machine weight450KG

Note: This equipment is a semi-automatic napkin wrapping machine, which requires a person to manually put napkins into bags, and then use a napkin sealer to seal them. Therefore, the packaging speed depends on the speed of the worker's bagging.

Paper Napkin Packing Machine Features:

1Using PLC computer to become the control, various packaging parameters can be automatically set, greatly improving production efficiency.
2Two people can operate the equipment, and it can be directly connected to the bag packaging machine, reducing manufacturing costs and management costs.
3Wide range of applications. A napkin packaging machine can pack soft tissue, square napkins, sanitary napkins and other products, one machine with multiple functions.
4The finished product after packaging is neat and beautiful, conforms to market hygienic standards, and meets the sales requirements of enterprises.
5Precise temperature control, effective protection of heating wire and high temperature resistant tape.
6The equipment integrates automatic conveying, paper feeding, bagging, sealing and cutting, and has high packaging efficiency.

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