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30-120PCS Wet Wipes Making Machine

Finish Product:30-120PCS Wet Wipes

Model:6 lanes, 12 lanes, 20 lanes and other models

Function:Automatic manufacturing, packaging.

Machine Introduction

YG introduces you to a wet wipes making machine that produces 30-120 pieces of wet wipes. It has a very high degree of automation and high production output. A wet wipe production line automates the manufacturing, packaging, and sealing of wet wipes. The wet wipe production line consists of multiple workstations to realize the automatic production of wet wipes. According to different customer needs, the 30-120 pcs wet wipes making machine has 6 channels, 12 channels, and other models.

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Wet Wipes Machine Overview

Raw materials: Spunlace non-woven, hot rolling non-woven fabrics, Air-laid paper, ect.
Finished products: alcohol wipes, daily wipes, baby wipes, shoe wipes, etc.
Production output: 6 lanes, 12 lanes, 16 lanes, 20 lanes, etc.
Operation steps: feeding, folding, adding liquid, cutting, printing and punching, labeling, packaging, finished product.
Folding method: Z, W, C, and other folding methods


30-120PCS Wet Wipes Making Machine Technical Parameters

Suitable materialSpunlace,non-woven,hot rolling non-woven fabrics,Air-laid paper
Packing filmOPP/PE, PET/PE ,PET/AL/PE
GSM of raw material40-80g/m2
capacity speed3500-4800psc/min (25-60bags)
Folding way“Z” W”” C” types (pop-up and non-pop-up)
Size of product (unfolded)(135-170)x(170-210);(MM)(LxW);(Modifiable)
Size of product (folded)(135-170);x;(90-110)(MM)(LxW);(Modifiable)
Electrical sourceAC380V;50/60Hz
Machine size12200mmX2450mmX2200mm  (L×W×H)
Machine weight5000kg
Wetting systemone stainless steel water tank with an agitator
  Control system:Pre-programmed;full-auto PLC control system; Frequency;speed controlling
Counting;systemAuto-counting;(operation interface;setting)
Material;Loading;Device:2;holders;sliting into12;channels, automatic tension controller

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Wet Wipes Production Process

The production of wet wipes is mixing various raw materials paper and liquid, and then making wet wipes through cutting, packaging, and other processes. The complete production process of wet wipes is automatic feeding, cutting, liquid filling, cutting, stacking, packaging, and finished products.

First, the raw paper is folded into small pieces, which are then fed into a liquid spray machine. The liquid sprayer will evenly spray the pre-dispensed liquid on the paper to make the paper wet. Then, the cutting machine cuts the wet wipes into the required size and shape. Finally, use a wet wipe packaging machine to pack a certain amount of wet wipes into a bag. Automated production can also use a sealing machine to pack the produced pouched wipes in boxes.


Wet Wipes Making Machine Features

1The entire production process of wet wipes is automatic, with the characteristics of high production efficiency, low production cost, and stable product quality.
2The wet tissue making machine is equipped with a cutting device, and the cutting width can be cut according to the demand.
3The folding shape can be configured according to the needs, and the wet wipes can be folded into N folds or C folds.
4Equipped with automatic feeding, air shaft unwinding, pneumatic wide belt synchronous conveying device, the safety of feeding is guaranteed.
5The whole wet wipes making machine adopts a full private server drive and PLC control system to operate. Digital operation is convenient for manual operation and has higher accuracy.
6All conveying systems use imported conveyor belts, which are firm, durable, and pollution-free.
7The steel structure of the machine is made of high-quality channel steel. The whole machine has a compact structure and stable operation.
8The parts in contact with liquids and fabrics are made of stainless steel, which is clean and pollution-free and meets hygienic requirements.

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Wet Wipe Making Machine Types

Common wet wipe production equipment on the market can be divided into the following four types. They are a single sachet wet wipe machine, a 1-10 piece wet wipe machine, a 5-30 piece wet wipe machine, 30-120 piece wet wipe machine. Each type can also be divided into multiple models according to different needs. Among them, the 30-12 piece wet wipe machine is the more commonly used production equipment. In addition, YG also provides a wet wipe production line for cartridges. If you want to know more about wet wipe making machine, please contact us.

  • single-wet-wipes-machine.jpg

    Single Wet Wipes Machine

  • 1-10PCS-wet-wipes-making-machine.jpg

    1-10PCS Wet Wipes Making Machine

  • 5-30PCS-wet-tissue-machine.jpg

    5-30PCS Wet Tissue Machine

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