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3T Per Day Toilet Paper Machine Exported To Australia

Release Time:2023-07-25 18:02:05 Author:Yugong Machinery

A few days ago, YG exported a set of toilet paper machine to Australia. The toilet paper production equipment can meet the customer's daily production output of 3T. The whole set of tissue toilet machine includes a rewinder, paper cutter, and packaging machine. Using this whole set of toilet paper production equipment can complete the whole process of toilet paper from raw materials to finished products to packaging. The automation equipment has high production efficiency and saves labor costs, and is the best choice for many toilet paper processing factories.


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Australia Toilet Paper Production Equipment Parameters

Machine NameParameters
Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine(Add embosing roller+One paper roll holder)Machine model: HY-1880
Base paper width: 2200mm
Original paper outer diameter: 1100mm
The inner diameter of base paper core: 76.2mm
Finished product diameter: 60-120mm
The inner diameter of the paper core of the product: 20-50mm
Programming controller: PLC computer programmingProcessing capacity: 180 m/min
Punching pitch: 90—180mm
Paper ejection rack: 1-3 layers can choose  Power: 2.5kw
Machine weight: 3000kg
Machine size: 6200x3000x1800mm
Automatic Band Saw Tissue Paper Cutting MachineThe main technical parameters:
Model: LS2200, LS3300/can be customized
Blade: 3750*60*0.6
Sharpening stone: emery wheel
Cutting speed: 80-160 cuts/min
Power supply voltage: 380V, 50Hz
Air pressure: 0.6MPA (customer provided)
Total power: 7.5KW
Cuttable size: length 50-210MM, diameter 40-135MM
Weight: 1500KG
Automatic Toilet Paper Packing Machine, Multi-rowAir pressure: 0.6Mpa
Power supply voltage: 380V 50HZ
Packing speed: 8-12 picks/min
Packing size: L400-650, W110-200, H60-120
Total power: 5KW
Dimensions: L5590mm×W3800mm×H1500mm

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Australia Toilet Paper Making Machine Details

The Australian customer ordered a set of fully automatic equipment. In fact, YG also provides semi-automatic models for paper cutters and packaging machines. In order to increase the production output of toilet paper every day, the customer chose to order fully automatic equipment. And for the rewinder, the customer additionally purchased an embossing roller and one paper roll holder. YG is a toilet paper machine manufacturer, and our customer selects and customizes the machine according to the customer's needs. If you would like to purchase machines for your toilet paper production project, please contact us. YG will provide you with professional services and help you choose the right machine.

Toilet Paper Making Equipment Introduction

The complete toilet paper production process is raw material-paper-making-rewinding-slitting-packaging. From raw materials to finished products, large rolls of paper require large paper machines for production. But paper machines are very expensive and unaffordable for many toilet paper mills. Therefore, you can directly purchase large paper rolls from paper mills for subsequent processing and production.

1Rewinder: A rewinder is a device that makes large rolls of paper into small rolls of long paper. According to different base paper diameters, there are many different models such as 1575 type, 1880 type, and 3000 type. Rewinders are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models.
2Slitting machine: The slitting machine is to cut the long strips of toilet paper obtained from the rewinding machine into finished toilet roll paper one by one. Slitting machines are divided into manual and automatic.
3Packaging machine: After rewinding and cutting, use the packaging machine to pack the sanitary roll paper and then enter the market. According to different packaging styles, there are single-roll packaging machines and multi-roll packaging machines. There are semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines according to the degree of automation.
  • tissue-paper-rewinding-machine

    Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

  • toilet-paper-cutting-machine.jpg

    Toilet Paper Cutting Machine

  • toilet-paper-packing-machine.jpg

    Toilet Paper Packing Machine

In addition, YG also provides toilet paper tube making machines. If you want to know more about toilet paper making equipment, please contact us.

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Production Cases Of Customers In Other Countries

YG's toilet paper production equipment is very popular with customers. We have analyzed whether it is profitable to make toilet paper before, and the answer is yes. Toilet paper is something that people in all countries of the world use every day, and the demand is very high. Tissue paper manufacturing plants in many countries have ordered toilet paper production equipment from YG. Such as Uganda, Kenya, Russia, the United States, Canada, Myanmar, Malaysia and other countries. And many customers who have used YG equipment order again or refer friends to order YG equipment.

  • China-toilet-paper-project.jpg

    China Toilet Paper Project

  • Myanmar-toilet-paper-project.jpg

    Myanmar Toilet Paper Production Project

  • Malaysia-toilet-paper-project.jpg

    Malaysia Toilet Paper Production Project

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