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Ultimate Guide To Start a Tissue Paper Making Business In 2023

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Tissue paper is a consumable in life and needs to be purchased after use. The consumption of tissue paper is very large, so you see the huge market potential and development prospects of tissue paper. Therefore, you intend to invest in a tissue paper processing plant. So what about the tissue paper making business? Is it profitable? How to develop a tissue paper manufacturing business? YG tissue paper making machine manufacturer analyzes for you.


Market Potential Analysis Of Tissue Paper

In recent years, with the rapid development of society and the economy at home and abroad, the quality of life of residents and their consumption behavior are constantly improving. The market demand for toilet paper continues to be released. As daily necessities that are used every day, hygiene products are consumables. This type of product is low in price and has a high repurchase rate. It is a processing industry with low investment and low risk. In 2020, the size of China's toilet paper market will be about 140 billion. The toilet paper with the largest consumption accounts for about 55%, and the market size is 77 billion yuan. Therefore, the tissue paper making business has a very large market potential.


Is Tissue Paper Making Business Profitable?

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to hygiene and health, and the use of toilet paper has become a necessity in the daily life of the family. Toilet paper does not have a shelf life like other daily necessities. And it can be stored for a long time without squeezing the inventory. Moreover, it has no sales seasons such as off-season and peak season and can be sold all year round. Moreover, the tissue paper manufacturing business does not require a large investment. The purchase of a few machines can be used for a long time. And the raw materials are also very easy to obtain. After the following detailed calculations, process one ton of raw materials, and you can get 500~600 yuan profit. Therefore, the tissue paper making business is definitely profitable.

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Tissue Paper Production Cost Profit Analysis

The costs required to produce tissue paper include raw materials, electricity, labor, machine costs, promotion costs, etc.
Sales profit = sales amount - sales cost.
The following is the specific calculation of the cost and profit of toilet paper processing. Calculated based on cost price and sales price per ton.

Cost(RMB)Raw materialElectricity billLabor costsMachine costPacking costShipping costLossTotal

Sales Amount(RMB)



Note: The above is the cost and sales amount calculated according to Chinese prices. And this sales price is the price supplied to the wholesaler. If it is supplied to retailers, the profit will be higher. Please check the cost of manpower, transportation, packaging, raw materials, etc. in your city in detail and the market sales price to calculate the profit.

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Types And Uses Of Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is always light, soft, and absorbent paper. Tissue paper is obtained after the jumbo roll produced by the paper mill is processed through different steps. There are many types of Tissue paper and its uses are very wide. Common tissue papers include toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, napkin, etc.

  • toilet-roll.jpg

    Toilet Roll

  • paper-towels.jpg

    Paper Towel

  • facial-tissue.jpg

    Facial Tissue

  • paper-napkin.jpg

    Paper Napkin

Tissue paper typesApplicationRemark
Toilet paperNot only can be used in the bathroom, and toilet, but also can be used to wipe stainsCommon forms: toilet paper with core, toilet paper without core, single roll, multi-roll
Paper towelsPreserves food, absorbs grease, cleans kitchens, refrigerators, and other cleaning uses.It is the second largest application in the consumer field, usually two layers, usually with a weight of 20 to 24 g/m2
Facial tissueThin texture, soft, good water absorption, smooth, usually used to clean the facePacking form: soft pump, boxed, cross-folded form
napkinPaper napkins for table use with different patterns, patternsOne to four layers, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 folding and other folding styles

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process

According to the above information, we know that there are many types of tissue paper. Their processing procedures are also slightly different. But generally speaking, the production of most tissue paper has gone through processes such as base paper, cutting, forming, and packaging. The following takes the production of toilet paper as an example to illustrate the tissue paper production process.

1Place the jumbo roll obtained from the paper mill on the rewinder.
2The toilet paper rewinding machine rewinds the large roll of base paper into multiple small rolls of long strips. The thickness of the rewinding is the thickness of the final product, and it is adjustable. If you want to produce toilet paper with a core, please buy a toilet paper tube manufacturing machine or a finished toilet paper tube.
3Put the reminded strips of paper on the tissue cutting machine for slitting. The cutting length can be adjusted by yourself.
4Put single or multiple toilet rolls on the packaging machine for packaging. You can get single rolls or large packs of toilet paper.

If you also want to know the production process of paper towels, paper napkins, and facial tissue, please contact us.


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8 Steps to Starting Your Tissue Paper Making Business

1Market research: Since there are many types of tissue paper, first you should conduct field research. Do your research to see which tissue paper is most popular in your area or the area where you do business. After the inspection, determine the specific tissue paper making business you want to carry out.
2Applying for certificates: After you have determined what kind of tissue paper you want to produce, you can go to the relevant department to apply for certificates. If you want to carry out toilet paper rewinding processing, you need to apply for an industrial and commercial business license and tax registration certificate. If you want to make napkins, facial tissues, etc., you also need to apply for a sanitation permit.
3Leasing site: Next, you need to rent a site to place equipment and carry out production. The lease of the site does not have to be in an economically developed area. Choose a place with well-developed transportation and abundant electricity.
4Purchasing equipment and raw materials: After completing the venue rental and certificates, we can proceed to purchase equipment and raw materials for production. If you don't know which equipment and raw materials to purchase, please review the steps below.
5Hiring Workers: When you purchase equipment and are close to receiving it, you can start hiring workers. Not sure how many workers to hire? Usually when purchasing a tissue paper-making machine, the tissue paper machine manufacturer will tell you how many workers are needed to operate the equipment.
6Tissue paper production: After the above steps are ready, you can start the production of tissue paper.
7Sales channels: Before and during production, you also need to pay attention to sales channels. You can find cooperative supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, etc. for offline cooperation. In addition, you can also conduct domestic and foreign sales online to expand your sales area.
8After-sales service: the transaction is the beginning of service, if you want to win long-term cooperation, please do a good job in after-sales service.


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Raw Materials For Tissue Paper Production

In fact, most of our tissue paper processing factories use base paper purchased from paper mills. Through various machine processing, toilet roll, napkin, facial tissue, etc. are produced. Because the cost of raw materials to large rolls of paper is relatively high. Therefore, you need a fully automatic paper making line. The raw materials used in paper making are mainly cellulosic materials, including wood, bamboo, straw, hemp plants, cotton, waste paper, etc.

Which Equipment To Buy To Produce Tissue Paper?

Considering that many users are new to the tissue paper production business, the following is a list of related equipment that you need to purchase.

1To produce toilet rolls, you need to purchase a rewinding machine, slitting machine, and toilet roll packaging machine. Small factories can only buy one rewinder. A medium-sized factory recommends that you purchase a rewinder + a semi-automatic slitting machine + a manual sealing machine. Large factories recommend that you purchase fully automatic equipment.
2To produce a napkin, you only need to buy a paper napkin machine. In addition, if you have packaging needs, you can buy a paper napkin packaging machine.
3To produce facial tissue, you need to purchase facial tissue folding machine, paper cutter, and packing machine. The folding machine has 2 rows, 3 rows, 5 rows, 7 rows, and other models. The more rows, the greater the production output. Paper cutters and wrappers are also available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models.
4If your factory wants to produce a variety of tissue paper, it is recommended that you consult a professional tissue paper making machine manufacturer to purchase suitable equipment.


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